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hay everybodyy
Osom: Kill a man with a single stare

hi guys what's up. my life is crazy.

I am moving to Boston in September!

I have an apartment and everything. how nuts is that.

I turn 21 in May

my hair is long!

Doctor Who!

I miss everyone on here :C

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Life is a crazy thing at times.
Yay Avengers! I am so far into that fandom right now & the film isn't even out yet.
Ironically, I am also moving to Boston during the summer. Where/How did you find your apartment & what's the rent on it? (I promise, I won't stalk you or anything. Just trying to get an idea for myself because I need to start looking soon.)

life is super crazy usually ahah I don't think it'd be much good if it wasn't

I saw your fics! I need to read them :D I am getting into it very very easily. I cannot wait until it's out!

the total rent is 2400 and we have 6 roommates so we each pay about 400 a month. I have a close friend who already lives in Boston and likes me enough to want to be roommates. it's not stalkery at all! we actually...kind of need an extra roommate? just for a few months because one of our roommates can't move in asap. so...you can keep that in mind? if that isn't weird.

I have an Avengers masterlist on my main LJ page, I'd suggest starting there haha.
Not weird at all! I will keep it in mind, but I probably need to move by mid-August if I don't do it at the beginning of summer. I imagine my classes would start soon after that but I'm not certain of the exact date. I'm really not sure right now of anything except OMG BOSTON but thanks so much for the offer! :)

oh I definitely shall! :DDD

I'm pretty OMG BOSTON too ahaha. From what I understand most apartments are available during certain times of the year? You're very welcome for the offer, I'm happy to help where I can. Can I ask which school you're gonna be going to?

Suffolk Law. I'm super excited but fretting about the cost of tuition & all right now.
Are you going to school in the area as well or moving out there for kicks?

oh man that's awesome.

I am gonna attend MassArt but probably not until next year because I want to get residency before hand because I am fretting about the cost of tuition too. also I've always wanted to live in boston haha

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