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Misha: creamy

it's just, y'know, life has happened. a whole lot. to me.

mine kind of sucks atm. I HOPE ALL OF YOURS IS GOING MUCH BETTER.

I miss you guys a lot. tumblr owns my soul now.

so does Supernatural


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Aw, I'm sorry to hear your life's kind of sucking right now! But it's good to see you again around these parts! ♥

One day I'll watch Supernatural again I'm sure... other shows have just been distracting me too much lately!

yeeahhhhh, school is annoying and I've got like love troubles. what even.

it's good to be back around. I'd like to see if I can get back into it ahaha

Supernatural just kind of snuck up on me idek what happened. but! have you seen Suits?

Love troubles?! Those are the most headache-inducing kind!

LJ's been a little quiet overall lately... I feel like so many people are running away to tumblr! I would head over there myself, but I couldn't go without my fix of fic and icon contests so LJ's where I'll be for the long haul, haha.

I actually haven't seen Suits! I've kind-of sort-of heard a few people talking about it, but I haven't actually gotten around to checking it out for myself. I take it it's good?

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