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four weeks ago?
Osom: Kill a man with a single stare


I haven't been on here much lately and I am sorry. I've been busy with inell's RP the Metroplex because it is awesome and I love RPing. I also am in a very intensive art history class that I am taking Very Seriously and also a ceramics class that is KICKING MY ASS because I SUCK at 3D work. I am trying my best though because I won't let clay beat me, no sir.

Also, blueleopard87:

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Yay! You're back! I'm a nosy person and was wondering where you were. :d Your classes sound interesting! I love ceramics, but I never took a credit course- just a few weekend workshops that were for personal entertainment only. I got some nifty bowls out of them, but certainly nothing that would've gotten me decent grades if it had been serious!!

And your hair looks awesome!! Is there any particular reason for it, or is it just because? I don't have blue hair, green hair or money so I suppose I am just unable to screw the rules. Such is life~

gif semi-unrelated lolol

I don't mind the nosiness! I kept remembering to update here and then quickly forgetting soon after. Ceramics is definitely way fun. I'm loving it and right now we're working on the wheel and it makes my whole body sore haha (I am a weakly weakling). Yeah, I am definitely hoping for some decent grades on this since I am working hard. :)

Thanks! I've been wanting to dye my hair this colour for ages and I finally got around to it...so it's kind of both because I want to and just because, haha. Oh noo, you can just screw the rules on general principle. That's usually pretty acceptable.

Hot, bb, very hot. :D

What AH class are you taking?? *perkperk*

Danke! :D long time no see, btw. I've missed you!

It's prehistoric to gothic right now. totally loving it. art history is my life's blood, for srs.

Ah, are you taking a survey course?? Things get even more fun when you take more specific courses, because then you can just concentrate on the exact periods you like.

Yeah, my college doesn't offer any more specific than this so I am taking what I can get. I mostly read about my favorite specific periods on my own.

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