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Osom: Kill a man with a single stare
How is everyone on this grand, glorious holiday season? I hope you are doing good and if you're not that things will get better. I need to get better myself as I am SICK and DEBILITATED with a cold. A cold I got from going to Orlando for Universal and WWOHP so I suppose it is a cold well earned.

ANYWAY, my darling and adorable bb rosemarysaurus received her Christmas card from me and since she was technically the furthest (she's in Canada but IDK if it is actually the real, literal farthest from me) I decided I can finally post the cards themselves for everyone to enjoy.

here is blueleopard87's post card! She asked for Star Trek

here's rosemarysaurus's card, which I did on the fly. So she got Arthur/Eames and a bear.

this is the card I made for inell featuring Hermione and Kirk/McCoy. :D

lastly here is dorian_muave's card! She wanted Superntaural :D

I've gotten cards from both blueleopard87 and dorian_mauve! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are both sitting on my tree and I get all gooey and warm inside every time I see them.

Just in case I don't get the chance to update here again before hand, here is some glittery obnoxious text:

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I loved mine! ♥

Also, we totally need to chat some time about backstory for Tyler & Stephen! Tyler is telling me that he might have a scrapbook made of internet clippings of Stephen's football career, like some creepy stalker, and that he might have sent him a Christmas card or something this year. Hmm.

Yaaay! I was so worried that they'd get lost in the mail it was driving me mad.

And yes, definitely. I probably won't be able to today as I am a little loony due to my fever and these cold meds I am taking but hopefully my brain will work tomorrow and we can plot for them.

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I am so so so glad you like it! I love your card, the hello kitty is adorable :D

Those cards are AMAZING. I think my favorite has to be "It's my dick in a box," but I rather like the Castiel snow angel, too.

Thanks! I love the dick in the box one too :D

I may be a little bit biased but.... MY CARD IS THE BEST. ♥ ♥ ♥

Seriously, I absolutely love it. :'D Your art is amazing and hilarious and cute all at the same time! My mom saw it sitting on the table downstairs before I brought it to my room and asked me "is it raining rainbow-colored tribbles??" (She thought Sulu was the cutest.) I think it's hilarious that only McCoy seems to find anything odd about their mysteriously flamboyant situation. My reaction would probably be somewhere between Kirk's and Chekov's. ♥

And of course, the Dick in a Box side is amazing. I love it so much! :D

I am SO SO SO SO happy you love my post card. *flaily seal clapping glee*

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