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HAY HAY--Intro/Archive
Osom: Kill a man with a single stare
Okay, hi, hello! My name is Zeph and this is my fandom pseudo everything else journal. It is mostly open with a few, very rare friends-locked entries. Doesn't mean you shouldn't add me! I love friends and I'd undoubtedly love you. :D

Here is my fic archive. Currently it is mostly Star Trek.

stories marked with a (*) are NC-17
Enterprise: The Musical (PG-13)
There's musical numbers breaking out all across the ship and Jim's the only one NOT singing.
The Diphthongs
The crew visits a planet that communicates only through song.
Musical Interludes (PG)
The crew bonds through music.
The Gift of 300 Bad Jokes
Jim has some issues with expressing himself after encountering an alien artifact.
Top 10 Lines Never Said in a Star Trek Film (PG-13)
(See title)
My, My Spock Couldn't Let it Go (PG)
Spock gets his hands on some music that incites drama on the bridge of the Enterprise.
Cigarettes (PG-13)
Jim has a bad habit, McCoy makes an offer to replace it.
Prank War (PG-13)
Academy days aren't necessarily made easier by Jim and Bones' prank war.
It's an Art (PG-13)
Bones attempts to teach Jim the fine art of cuddling.
This Ol' Hat (NC-17)*
An old cowboy hat comes between Jim and Bones.
Role Reversal (PG)
On a mission, Jim is forced to take Bones' role.
Batman AU (PG, AU)
Leonard McCoy is the Batman and a new villain in town threatens both his friends and Gotham.
Short Exposure (NC-17)*
Bones visits Jim on lifeguard duty and gets a surprise.
With the Stars (NC-17)*
Bones decides to share something special with Jim.
Helping Hands (NC-17)*
Jim has some unresolved sexual tension due to an injury, Bones is a good friend indeed.
Sex Kills Bones (R)
Something Jim sees as a long time coming but it doesn't make Bones any more willing.
Making Time for Messes (NC-17)*
Jim needs satisfaction and Bones reluctantly helps.
Trashy Dialog (R)
Interaction between Jim and Bones leads to interesting results.
Of Skateboards and Knee-pads (PG)
Bones confronts Jim about him teaching Joanna to skateboard. He is not pleased.
Double-Meanings (NC-17)*
Comparisons are made.
    Brasserie Series
  • La de de da (PG-13)
    Wherein McCoy is a grouchy bartender at his own self-made and self-named McCoy's Brasserie.
  • Catch me a Catch (PG-13)
    In which McCoy's attempts to play matchmaker are foiled, Scotty makes his debut, and Jim is still annoying.
  • The Rest You Can Live Without (PG-13)
    In which Jim and Bones get a little committed.
  • And A Little Extra (R)
    Part 3 outtakes with bonus sneak-peek scene.

Terminally (PG-13)
An AU where both Jim and Bones are med-school interns at the same hospital.
Wild Apple (PG-13)
Pointlessness about how Bones loves watching Jim eat apples.
Gone To The Opera (NC-17)*
Jim thinks he knows all there is to know about his best friend.
Winter Wonderland (G)
A beautiful sight/We're happy tonight/Walking in a Winter Wonderland~
Jack Frost (PG)
Jim's never been called Jack Frost before but neither has he been in love.
Dualities (NC-17)*
Through some mix-up of transporter and fate, McCoy ends up on Tatooine.
Sensations (PG)
An unknown moment between two lovers.
Domesticity (G, K/Mc)
A morning routine between Jim and Bones of the very domestic persuasion.
Battle Axe (PG-13)
Bones unwittingly wields a battle axe.
My House-Wine (G)
Jim does not understand Southern sweet tea, Bones tries to explain.
Sick-Induced Variables (G)
Jim's both sick AND annoying.
Cupcake + An Eclair (R)
Jim teases Bones with food.
Bones is a Music Nerd (PG)
Bones is naked and dancing, no more no less.
Honey (G)
A moment between Bones and Joanna.
Collection of drabbles inspired by RvB (PG-13)
(See title, RvB=RedvsBlue)
Jim Stands Tall (NC-17)*
Bones sees something wrong with Jim's form.
Sway (G)
Jim sits on the beach on the edge of forever.
Long Way Home (PG)
They're drunk and Jim propositions Bones. Bones lets him down lightly, or something.
Bowel Sounds (G)
After a party, Bones is a little silly and Jim is to tired for this shit.
Sudden Revelations (G)
McCoy realizes that there's something they might be missing.

Too all my f-list: ignore this! I got sick of my old shitty archive entry and was compelled to redo it.

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Oh! I am very glad you to have you as a friend! :D

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